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We are one of the best-known producers of high quality powdered and powder-free disposable examination gloves in Europe.


The Company

At Mercator Medical Thailand, we are highly committed to the manufacturing of high quality examination gloves and to delivering the best hand protection solutions to our customers.

The reasons behind the company’s strong reputation and reliable products are its stringent quality control procedures and experienced management team. Members of the management and sales team hail from Europe, combining years of local experience in producing latex gloves with the European standards of quality assurance and professional service.

Supported by a network of distribution centres in Europe, Mercator Medical is now one of the well-known suppliers of contamination prevention products in Europe.



Mercator Medical Thailand is located in the prime rubber producing area of the Ratthapum district, Songkhla province in southern Thailand.

This strategic location enables Mercator Medical to have easy access to natural resources, and therefore to manufacture affordable, high quality hand protection products.

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