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We areĀ one of the best-known producers of high quality powdered and powder-free disposable examination gloves in Europe.


Our Customers



We offer a variety of medical gloves to hospitals. Because medical gloves are an important protective barrier for personnel and patients alike, it is essential that educated choices are made to ensure these gloves provide the necessary protection.



Glove use is recommended to protect both dental workers and patients from cross-infection. The routine use of gloves protects the dental team from blood-borne viruses such as hepatitis B and C, or HIV.



Glove selection is important when handling toxic and hazardous materials. The use of appropriate hand care is necessary when working with substances of acute toxicity or significant chronic effects.

Beauty & Cosmetics


Gloves that are effective yet gentle on the skin are essential for the performance of certain services. Frequent hand washing and chemical use can lead to skin disorders, while gloves can offer effective protection.

The Food Industry


Proper glove use must be monitored to prevent cross-contamination. Various types of gloves are employed in the food industry, both to protect food workers from occupational exposures related to food products or processes and to prevent pathogen transmission to the product.

General Recommendations


Latex gloves are recommended for applications where gloves are worn for a long period of time or exposed to greater stress. Nitrile gloves have certain chemical resistant properties that give them an advantage when handling certain chemicals.

When working with materials harmful to the skin, before starting to work please always check the glove for any defects. If there is any doubt as to which gloves should be used please contact us directly: